French Quarter

A must-see in New Orleans is the French Quarter’s tremendous energy, rich history, unique architecture, music and street performers, famous jazz clubs, exciting nightlife and the best art galleries and restaurants in town.

If you want to experience the authentic essence of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the French Quarter is the place to go, where activities begin on January 6 and go until Fat Tuesday (make sure you get your Cheap Flights to New Orleans at least 2 weeks before), which occurs on March 1. There is a lot more to Mardi Gras than one day. So if you want to get a taste of this year’s festivities, now is the best time to arrange a vacation to the French Quarter in New Orleans. If you’re in town for the holidays, we’ve got you covered.

New Orleans Jazz

With a tour-guide who would know the top clubs and artists in New Orleans on any given night? Instead,  explore the city’s soulful music scene. While many visitors stay in the heart of the French Quarter, you go out into the chic neighborhoods of Frenchmen Street and Marigny to see live performers and spontaneous street performances that residents queue up to see every day.

A typical front line of New Orleans jazz is made up of cornet, trumpet, clarinet, trombone, and a rhythm section of piano, guitar, bass, and drums, all of which provide syncopated rhythms for dancing (often, but not always, in common or 4/4 time) in a polyphonic style.

RTA – Streetcars

With the help of the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority, you can go everywhere you need to go in the city (RTA). The Crescent City’s comprehensive bus and streetcar system connects every part of the city. If you’re looking for a way to go about the city or across the Mississippi River, the RTA can get you there, whether you’re in Uptown or Downtown. Taking a ride on a New Orleans streetcar is a great way to see the city’s beauty, charm, and history at a low price. They are aboard a piece of transportable New Orleans history as they board these vintage vehicles.

In addition to the well-known St. Charles line, the RTA also runs the Canal Street line and the Riverfront line. Canal Street connects the French Quarter, the Central Business District (CBD), Carrollton, Mid-City, City Park, and the Marigny through all lines that either travel along or intersect with Canal Street. The RTA is in the process of expanding its Streetcar network.
A fun way to go about New Orleans is on a streetcar. From Downtown, you may take the St. Charles, Canal Street or Riverfront lines, which all go to various regions of the city.

Do New Orleans on a Budget

If you’re ready to exercise some self-control, visiting New Orleans on a shoestring budget is definitely doable. Traveling on a tight budget, implies certain limitations. You can’t just go out and spend money like it’s no big deal when you’re on vacation. For fear that you’ll be haunted by a dismal credit card statement for months after the vacation is over.
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